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Lighting up your homes just right can be tricky. To help you through this process, we offer personalized lighting consultation at every step of your lighting journey.

Commercial Lighting

Excellence at Every Step

Choose a comprehensive range of practical & reliable commercial lighting solutions that are designed to bring the absolute best of your offices or commercial spaces.

Our assistance –

Installation Assistance

Our team of renowned lighting experts is more than happy to assist you throughout the installation process.

In our lighting consultations, we apply principles to create harmonious and functional illumination schemes tailored to your specific needs. Through meticulous analysis of factors such as light intensity, color temperature and distribution, we ensure that your home is illuminated optimally to support various activities and evoke desired emotional responses. Our personalized approach to lighting consultation integrates cutting-edge research and technology to transform your space into a dynamic and rejuvenating environment.

Customization Available

What You Get

Lumens Recommendation

Our team of lighting specialist & elite professionals are here to guide you through how much light is needed at your space.

Color Temperature Guidance

Light up your space to serve the purpose - Warm, Neutral & Cool White suggestions by industry leaders and lighting professionals.

Size Recommendation

We have a perfect lighting fixture to harmonize with your space without it being overpowering or oddly small.

Vaastu Lighting

Consultation to plan your lighting fixtures at appropriate locations as per Vaastu Shastra.

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