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That cherished but distressed chest of drawers you have inherited from your grandparents can actually find its own prominent place in your home, revamped back to its former prestigious state and, what's more, elevated to meet contemporary needs, thus matching in form the sentimental value it carries. Our dedicated team can understand what suits you and handle these valuable items with care and knowledge.


Building Elevation/Decoration

Modern architecture and creative interior designing often elevate places to a higher standard, elevating the sense of comfort and luxury.

La’espace not only caters to such needs but also delivers as per the requirements and expectations of the clients. Our creative team uses the latest technology to create a space based on the client’s vision. The works range from HPL facings, CNC works, pergolas, glass works, metal fabrications, and mural work.

Bathroom Renovation | Bathroom Remodeling | Old Bathroom Renovations

A space to sleep is never the place to answer nature’s call, nor is it the place to clean and maintain yourself. The proper place to carry out such activities is a Washroom / Bathroom which syncs with the peace and privacy of your space.

But modern bathrooms are made to deliver more than just to answer nature’s call and take a bath, they are designed to make one feel so at ease that one may never wish to step out, because they are cozy.

Along with this modern space management, use of proper wall and floor materials, and the use of aromatic articles create a scene which heightens the human senses for the most comforting bathroom experience.

Kitchen Renovation

Possibly the most important distinction between a Home and an Office resides in the Kitchen. As one prepares and serves tasty food in the kitchen to feed or impress family members, magic happens. However, Kitchens, like other spaces, require careful management of space and customization of furniture to accommodate those who regularly prepare and eat food.

The kitchen also houses many important household items such as the ovens/gas, cooking gas cylinders, water purifiers, fridges, microwaves, grillers, toaster ovens, as well as spices, vegetables, meats, storage units and there’s no end to the list.

We take pride in our dedication to the efficient and safe use of space so that it can provide adequate space for all.

Swimming Pool Renovation

Turn that space into a swimming pool for a fun and luxurious way to utilize it. It wasn’t common to see pools in most places, yet as time goes on they are becoming increasingly common, perhaps not as big as the ones we are used to seeing in hotels, but more realistic.

A customer who wishes to invest in and have a swimming pool for their property is whom La’espace caters to.

With the use of modern methods and materials, we can also restore the swimming pool and resurface it. Along with waterproofing and sealing products, we provide leak proofing solutions.

Studio Home / Concept Homes

In these modern times, Studio Homes are the trend in which individuals young and fun, are utilizing their living spaces for multiple purposes, such as a portable office or for general living.

Office / Corporate Interiors & Renovations

Offices are reflections of businesses!

A lot of businesses undergo renovations, from simple building maintenance and cosmetic upgrades to large scale renovations.

Renovations of office space can improve efficiency, attract top talent, and can be helpful when acquiring and confirming new clients. These devices also present some risk and cause stress to facility management teams.

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