Spatial Design

It is all about freedom. The freedom to furnish your space with pieces built to fulfill your vision, and which you will enjoy for years to come.

Our eclectic approach when searching for the right item and choosing the renowned international brands to enrich our portfolio, is naturally complemented by our services of bespoke designing and creating exquisite pieces of furniture. There is nothing like custom design when it comes to luxurious living.

At La’espace, the sense of freedom that you can create exactly what you need, gets elevated by years of experience, inspired design, and the special care to source high quality materials, from exotic wood to luxurious leather, and to apply innovative coats and finishes.

Our team can handle from the simplest to the most sophisticated design, no matter if it is meant to complete the furnishing for the home of an individual client, or to create a specific style for a commercial property or a lodging facility.

Attention to understanding the needs of the client, willingness to collaborate with the customer's interior designers when needed, elaborate skills at designing and creating purpose-built items, are the qualities we take pride in as a bespoke furniture manufacturer.

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